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Fest BRock N&B – 1


Ouvir Ecouter Abrimos hoje nossa série Fest BRock N&B. É o rock Brasil dos anos 80 até nossos dias!!!! Serão 5 programas que vão do Pop Rock ao Trash Metal! Cada programa é um delírio!!!

The Best OF N&B – Elis Regina


Ouvir Ecouter Elis Regina, a voz do Brasil, que nos deixou em 82, vem hoje nesse Best Of N&B, com seus maiores sucessos.

Intro Programs [2]

The huge variety of Brazilian musical genres offers us a range of extremely varied works and rich with sounds, rhythms and swing that make the world enjoy and dream of our Brazil.

Intro Where are we

Present in 22 French radio, including Paris, 31 FM frequencies and 4 web radios. More than 1 million listeners, mostly French, Portuguese and Brazilian.

Intro Programs [1]

The Brazilian Marluce Campos-Perrottet is the creator and also host and producer of the program, which is broadcasted throughout France for over 8 years. We are supported by the Law for the Support of Brazilian Culture – the Rouanet Law. Weekly program lasting 50 minutes in two versions, Portuguese and French. Find your favorite artist,… Read more »

The Best Of N&B – Caetano Veloso


Ouvir Ecouter The Best of N&B – Caetano Veloso – Caetano is so delicious, so soft, so sweet that Adriana Calcanhotto one day we proposed: Let’s eat Caetano. I think she summed up what inspires us this great master of Brazilian music.

Radio Flam

FM 90.6 Flamanville Manche Basse-Normandie Monday 18h00


FM 100.0 Montluçon Allier Auvergne Monday 19h00

Radio Craponne

FM 107.3 Craponne-sur-Arzon Haute-Loire Auvergne Tuesday 19h00 / Friday 23h00 / Saturday 00h00