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Tempo de Brasil! Templo da Musica – 1

Tempo de BR!Templo da MSC!-1

Ouvir Ecouter Listen Time of Brazil! Temple of Music – 1 opens a new era in Nuances du Brésil! With this program we began our distribution in three languages: Portuguese, French and English.

Fest BRock N&B – 5

Fest BRock 5-5

Ouvir Ecouter With Fest BRock N&B – 5 ended our Festival BRock N&B  that showed the world all rocks from Brazil, trash rock to pop rock. Closing in style: THIAGO SCHIEFER, HOLINESS, ANDRE MATOS, REMOVE SILENCE.

Fest BRock N&B – 4

Fest BRock 4-5

Ouvir Ecouter And Brasil Rock Festival continues in our BRock Nuances du Brésil. Today we are Apanhador Só, Maglore, Vespas Mandarinas and Klatu.

Fest BRock N&B – 3

Fest BRock 3-5

Ouvir Ecouter Hello tchurma. This is the Festival BRock Nuances du Brésil. And those who come today are Pitty, Cidadão Instigado, Móveis Coloniais de Acaju and Vanguart.

Fest BRock N&B – 2

Fest BRock 2-5

Ouvir Ecouter This is the Rock Brasil continuous  in Fest BRock N&B! Today is the day of Skank, Pato Fu, Jota Quest, and international Sepultura and Angra !!

The Best Of N&B-Fafá de Belém


Ouvir Ecouter And it’s even in this celebration Best Of N&B. Now we celebrate 40 years of career Fafá Belém

The Best Of N&B-Djavan


Ouvir Ecouter … and that was how Brazil has seen for the first time the beautiful and nice face Djavan, it was like this that Brazil has listened to the beautiful and sweet voice of Djavan, its sound different and enjoyable.

The Best Of N&B-Maria Rita


Ouvir Ecouter Maria Rita is a great singer of the Brazilian music scene, independent of its origins. She drew her way and she continues with all the independence of those who know where to go.