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The Best Of N&B-Tim Maia


Ouvir Ecouter Its great differential was his powerful voice, serious and husky. Tim Maia was also responsible for the introduction of soul music in Brazil.

The Best Of N&B-Elba Ramalho


Ouvir Ecouter In 79 Elba Ramalho participates in the musical Opera do Malandro by Chico Buarque and duets with Marieta Severo O Meu Amor song. Extremely sensuous song …

The Best Of N&B-Jorge Ben Jor


Ouvir Ecouter The Best Of N&B will visit Jorge Ben Jor, a carioca, son of an Ethiopian and a Brazilian, who wanted to be a football player, but eventually he became a composer and singer of great success in Brazil and in the world.

The Best Of N&B-Martinho da Vila


Ouvir Ecouter From 67, his first as a singer / songwriter, until today (Martinho was born in 1938), he never stopped composing and singing.

The Best Of N&B-Skank


Ouvir Ecouter Skank is the Brazilian rock band which greatly danced Brazil since the 90s.

The Best Of N&B-Tom Jobim


Ouvir Ecouter Tom Jobim, the master of masters, the most international of the international, the great architect of Brazilian music.

The Best Of N&B-Alceu Valença


Ouvir Ecouter Alceu, the indefinable troubadour poet, singular and plural, subject and complement, present, past and future.

The Best Of N&B-Joyce Moreno


Ouvir Ecouter … as so often in the career of Joyce, his first albums come out elsewhere and arrive after Brazil.